Environmental Services

MTS provides a comprehensive capability to evaluate environmental condition of properties, located nearly anywhere in the world. Evaluation performance includes work on unique properties such as ships, floating platforms and rigs, riparian lands, extremely remote mountainous and arid locations, as well as challenging urban locales.

MTS employees assessing environmental concerns

Evaluations include:

  • All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI)
  • Phase 1, Phase II and Remedial Planning and Actions
  • Maritime Environmental Review (Floating and Fixed Platforms as well as ships)
  • Forensic Environmental Evaluations
  • Risk Analysis
  • Critical Path and Uptake Analysis
  • Fate and Transport
  • Hydro-geologic Groundwater Mapping
  • Geologic Disbursement Mapping
  • Plum Delineation

The principals of MTS and its environmental evaluation staff have successfully evaluated hundreds of ship, thousands of properties, projects and situations worldwide to provide clients with the best possible information concerning environmental condition, the presence or absence of hazardous, controlled or biological contaminants, and the formulation of comprehensive remedial or abatement plans, techniques and engineering solutions to abate or otherwise overcome these challenges. Working through Voluntary Clean-up Programs (VCP) in more than 30 states, MTS senior environmental evaluators have provided clients who own or wish to purchase environmentally challenging properties, with the most comprehensive approach and exhaustive methodologies to put challenging properties back into production.

Hazardous Waste and Release Support

The management of Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) and the control, recapture, remediation and clearance of areas of the environment where hazardous substances could be, or already have been released, is the cornerstone of MTS Environmental Services. Releases or threatened releases of hazardous substances and the management of hazardous wastes are subject to a complex web of EPA as well as state and municipal regulations. MTS engineers and environmental scientists have assisted clients in navigating through and complying with these regulations. Once a release occurs, or detection of a previous release is acquired, MTS exercises what we refer to as “compliance plus” support. Not only adhering to the minimal performance standards, but exceeding those standards, demonstrates to regulators the client’s seriousness in willingly supporting all aspects of required remediation work, yielding better relationships with the regulators and a more economic and “green” result for the client.

Brownfields and Distressed Property Rehabilitation

The process of bringing an environmentally damaged property back into productive use is MTS’s specialty. From the initial environmental assessments through value engineering and competitive remediation technology calculations, to remedial demolition and environmental systems installation, MTS provides our clients with the most professional, regulatory-compliant and defensible support available while keeping a close eye on the economics of returning the property to productive use. We offer completely integrated solutions to challenging environmental problems, assistin clients with finding proper and cost efficient solutions to environmentally blighted properties.