MTS expertise in the area of business investigations and analysis is founded on the formalized training, experience and acumen of analysts, field agents and intelligence operations personnel from the United States military and various U.S. intelligence agencies. Our investigators, collectively, have formed the muscle and sinew of U.S. international intelligence efforts since the early 1970’s. Each member of the MTS Team is a Master-level analyst, operator or linguist trained in the collection, evaluation of validity, analysis and reporting of Human (HUMINT), Communications (COMINT), Photographic (PHOTINT), Economic (ECONINT), Telemetry (TELINT) and Signals (SIGINT) Intelligence. Our operators have unique skill sets, trained and honed through decades of front line service that cannot be replicated through any other possible source of talent, less than a world dominant society capable of expending the level of investment in formalized training necessary to produce such capable analysts. Each member has held or currently holds various levels of security clearance (up to and including Top Secret/Special Intelligence – TS/SI) with the U.S. Federal government, validating their character and integrity beyond any commercial source.

Their individual military and agency performance records of distinction, validate their technical abilities. Our operators have enjoyed distinguished careers in the Navy Security Group Command, Army Security Command, Air Force Security Service, National Security Agency/Central Security Service, National Photographic Intelligence Center, and the Federal Bureau of investigation.

MTS personnel and operators are experienced in the pursuit of intelligence activities and analysis in every conceivable location, terrain and circumstance. Most MTS operators are bi-, tri- or quadra-lingual trained to native quality speech, reading and writing through immersion education techniques. This initial training, reinforced by decades of experience operating on every continent in the world, allows MTS investigative efforts to proceed around the globe, adding to the security of the effort through the almost complete absence for third-party translator involvement. MTS operators work independently, in pairs or within larger teams moving effortlessly through foreign countries, collecting, analyzing, reporting and modifying existing or developing new intelligence products.