MTS Awarded Demolition of Dewey Mine, Idaho

MTS Awarded Demolition of Dewey Mine, Idaho

On Wednesday, 05 August, MTS was notified of their selection to commence the demolition of the
abandoned Dewey Mining facility located in the Payette National Forest, Idaho.

This project, which should last about seven weeks, will require the crew to camp out on the site for the period of performance, since the nearest major populated area is in Cascade, ID., which lies approximately 4.5
hours from the camp. The camp is located at an altitude of approximately 8000 feet and the September
through October demolition could present some challenges, albeit they are welcomed from previous work

“We are very excited about this as it offers a variety of challenges and the opportunity for us to become one with nature and alleviate the day-to-day stress found in our normal workday” said Ralph Blessing, Executive VP.

20 August 2020 — Ralph Blessing and Mr. Sam Ferry, demolition subject matter expert at MTS, recently
returned from a trip to the Dewey Mine and surrounding area to gather information on the scale of the
operation and to identify the possible hurdles that could exist.

The operation presents a few hurdles but overall should move along quite well, as long as the weather and
wildlife cooperates.

Old Storage Area

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