Root Cause Analysis

All responsible managers dread accidents and the debilitating effects that such events can have on their businesses or agencies. At MTS we believe that ALL accidents are preventable. However, when accidents do happen, it is the examination of the circumstances and identification of the underlying causes which created the conditions in which the accident occurred, that will allow the correction of those practices or conditions and eliminate the possibility of recurrence.

In order to accomplish this investigation, managers must be well versed in the evaluation and investigation techniques by which such causes or circumstances may be identified. This requires training and access to systematic methodologies (programs) that will assist dedicated management efforts to uncover causal conditions or practices.

Accidents, near misses and potential situational hazardous circumstances can all be evaluated to determine causal activities and contributing habits or processes, which can then be altered to avoid further or potential adverse events. This is the strength of Root Causeā€¦ the ability to make a difference!

MTS investigators and trainers have been working with Root Cause analysis and investigating, analyzing and reporting on circumstances surrounding potentially cataclysmic real-world events for over four decades. Staffed by senior U.S. military and federal professional investigators, analysts and intelligence operatives, rigorously trained by the Department of Defense, National Intelligence Community and Federal Bureau of Investigation to provide analytic support for military, criminal and civil events, MTS personnel possess training, background and capabilities far superior than any that can be envisioned. We utilize these skills in training, to prepare clients and their personnel with the skills to:

  • Identify causal effects surrounding unwanted events
  • Create plans to eliminate circumstantially supportive environments
  • Develop a system of Quality Control that includes evaluation of potentially adverse situations
  • Enhance customer and employee confidence through aggressive preventative evaluation
  • Generate employee awareness of the power of evaluation to ensure accident and event avoidance